On tour for the Baltic Sea

Welcome to Searoom

Searoom is a traveling exhibition about climate, environment and sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region.
The Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted seas and the global climate is changing. The UN sets sustainability goals and the Paris Agreement is supposed to limit the rise in temperature – but what does all this mean at the grassroots level? What should we do? Should we change our lifestyle? What is being done from the municipalities? What changes generates the best effects and what is it that we do not have to do? We will find out!

Our mission is to visit the municipalities around the Baltic Sea and, in collaboration with them, inform about local initiatives and inspire the public for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Baltic Sea

A shallow indoor sea with low water turnover and oxygen-poor sea floor that stores environmental hazards. What can improve oxygen deficiency and what happens if the Arctic melts and sea level rises?


Plants and animals together form the building blocks of the ocean’s ecosystem. But the Baltic Sea consists of few species and is vulnerable to human impact. Biodiversity, fishing, eutrophication and ecosystems – how is it all connected?


Nutrients and environmental pollutants from land sooner or later flow into the ocean. Many small scattered sources together constitute the biggest strain on the Baltic Sea. What sources do we, as individuals, have responsibility for?



Why do we usually act in the very last minute even though we know what needs to be done? And why are changes first met with resistance before they eventually become part of the normal? It is easy to accept changes when disaster is a fact, but do we really need to go there? How do we inspire change in time?

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Searoom is a private initiative, and we have extensive experience from exhibitions in this format. But – we cannot do it ourselves. We hereby invite authorities, municipalities, organizations, universities, researchers, journalists and entusiasts in the area to join the trip.

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The exhibition

In addition to the Baltic Sea exhibition, there is a news desk for local journalists and entusiasts, an exhibition space reserved for the municipality and local organizations, an innovation lab showing innovations and we invite visitors to come up with their own ideas.

The room also has conference equipment and can be used for training and seminars for up to 30 people.

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Do you want to join the trip or just get some more information? Please contact Joakim Engström.

Tel: +46 8-520 100 35
Address: Teknikervägen 9,
149 45 Nynäshamn